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"The Journey"

It is in the journey that one can feel all his emotions. It is in the journey that an alchemy takes shape. It is in the journey that we grow. It is in the journey that we ripen.

I wanted to reader, to write an article today about the benefits of travel. It came to my mind to try to understand why the trip was so beneficial in general.

I must have a lot of time to kill!

I, we, will always consider it from a positive angle and it may seem normal or obvious: The trip is the relaxation, the trip is leave, the trip is idleness etc.

Beyond these very visible aspects, I wondered about the profound reasons that would explain so many virtues of travelling.

The first element I could understand reader: Voyager mislead a better knowledge of myself.

The more I travel, the more destinations are numerous and the more I learn about myself and without even realizing it. But why?

I explain. At home, I have established my routine, my habits, my customs. While traveling, I get lost, I stray, I find myself without any mark, and as weakened in this world so hostile and unfamiliar.

I'm in a non-tamed place, maybe even untameable, far from my habits. I find myself cut off from this world, but cut off from my short world… Completely disarmed!

At this place, it only remains for me… myself. And that's exactly what makes me a crazy, reader.

To be too rooted in my addictions, I find myself jumbled with all the assistants… Other than myself.

The simple fact of cutting my mobile data, arriving at the airport in question, makes me a good one.

I am objectively deprived… with a different currency, a laptop without a network, people speaking a language that is not mine…

But deep inside this "crazy" me, I feel revitalized. Here I can only count on myself and it's crazy happiness.

You will ask me reader, surely, of what happiness I speak… But I come: it is this happiness, you know… the one where I realize that I take confidence in myself; To better live a new experience… In the image of babies who finally reach after many efforts to imitate a gesture, an act of their parent. That is happiness…

I also found a reader thing… If this stage of the trip is not living inwardly, it is that an alarm bell is triggered to inform you of an imminent fire. . . You have to deal with that! So to assess your mental tranquillity, I recommend you to travel!

The second interesting part of my research is that escape is a great way to become aware of things. As if the sunglasses I wear at this time (#cliché) would allow me a better view!

As if back to infinity, I was automatically more lucid, with more discernment. Magic. Magic, my ideas have genius! (Pardon Reader, I veer to starboard)

It's simple to travel, I explore, I experience and understand what I need most usually: the real things, the love of the entourage, the small gestures, the values…

This therefore induces a sense of gratitude towards my more poignant entourage… and more intense than normal time. Magic, Magic.

The third and final element raised is the link between humility and travel. And that's the element, the one I love the most!

It's crazy how traveling can allow me to re-place things. Wider, I find myself in need, so far from my addictions… with new social, linguistic and geographical codes.

I necessarily need others: from my companions to the journey (spouse, family, relatives, friends, colleagues…) … like local people.

Again I find myself enjoying the exchanges, because the need has created the link.

How can I explain, that I meet thousands of people in public transport, every day without anything happening, and how a person on the other side of the world, could give me the change so nice… As much by the quality of its discussions and by its prompt generosity as by its simplicity?!

How could this colleague, with whom I speak only occasionally in front of the photocopier, be so interesting during our crossing of the market?

I come to the end of my article and I still have so many things to write about the trip, even if the latter represents a certain cost…. This is his major drawback!

Nonetheless, it is a great tool for freedom. A tool of freedom and liberation of the spirit, an activating tool of self-confidence. The consequences will be no more than the recognition of others and humility towards others.

That is why the journey is in my opinion so beneficial.

I count, as much as possible, to make my son travel, to teach him these fundamental values. And what do you think of the trip?

Stay connected until the next article!


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